Planeo 4061 (11 3/4” x 4”)

Dimensions: 300 mm x 100 mm / 11 3/4” x 4”

Weight: 9.50 kg/lm / 6.38 lb/ft

End Caps: No

Splices/Connectors: No

Minimum 1,600 lineal ft for all colors

Standard length:9 ft 10 in | 3.0 m

On order any length from:7 ft to 27 ft | 2.15 m to 8.25 m

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Planeo boards consist of other Geolam hybrid profiles, usually Soleo, that are bolted internally to produce a larger board. The bolts at usually placed 2 – 4 ft apart depending on the profile and are inset approx 2” at the end of each board. The boards can be field cut with a small tooth saw to shorten them but only the 2” on the ends that stick out past the end bolts. Please do not cut these boards anywhere else. This may compromise the structural integrity of the board.