Southern Surfaces

Blackbaud HQ, Daniel Island, SC

About this project:

Designed by ASD | SKY to achieve LEED® Certified criteria, the eco-friendly campus included many sustainable, green building features such as car-charging stations, low energy LED lighting and building materials using low-volatile organic chemicals. Native landscaping and an outdoor garden including fruit trees are planned for the exterior grounds.

With so many unique skin applications on the exterior including curtainwall, storefront systems, coquina stone, Ultracrete, metal paneling and Geolam, it was imperative from the start that the team look for ways to simplify the process, save time and keep an eye on quality. 

How was it installed?

Geolam’s Vertigo 5010 product was fastened to furring strips using aluminum screws. It is light and easy to cut especially when cutting circles for light fixtures. We left a 1/8” gap between butt ends to allow for expansion/contraction in response to changes in temperature.