Idea Architects Project

BJC Outpatient Center, Chesterfield, MO

About this project:

We originally designed the vertical louver system to help shield a west facing window for a new outpatient center concept by a regional hospital group. To articulate the full​ height vertical louvers, various segments of the same composite were sistered at different lengths, colors and with various degrees of projections to the louvers to create a visual texture on the louvers. As we explored the placement of the visual texture we realized that by strategically placing these contrasting-colored segments to the louvers we were able to achieve an abstracted sinus rhythm pattern on the elevation of the facility (healthy heartbeat). This approach has now become one of the signature features for this hospital group’s new outpatient center concept.

Why did you select Geolam?

We chose Geolam for its warm wood aesthetics, color retention and low maintenance.

Who installed it?

It was installed by Russell HBD,  St. Louis, MO.