Garden Hills, Atlanta, GA

About this project:

Garden Hills is a new 6-story ground-up office building within Atlanta at the south end of the Buckhead Village District. Offering 125,000 sf of ground up office, 8,000 sf of retail and 365 parking spaces, the building has a variety of unique offerings.  Multiple exterior patios accentuate the exterior of the office portion of the building and the ground floor retail spills out onto the famous Peachtree Street.  The main vehicular entrance off of Peachtree offers the first glimpse of the uniqueness of the building. Flanked by two glass entrances, the interior vehicular atrium greets you with its towering monumental presence before you enter the parking deck.  Exclaiming the entrance is a 16’ tall sculpture that contrasts the metal and glass of the parking deck wall. In an era where office buildings are not leasing well, this building was 92% early leased before finishing construction.  

Why did you select Geolam?

ASD|SKY selected Geolam for this application in an effort to soften the large atrium with contrast to the glass, stone and pavers. Given that the atrium would be susceptible to the elements and cars, Geolam was utilized for its durability and low maintenance. 

Did you enjoy working with it? 

Yes: the material offered a variety of color selections and the corner details were easy to use and gave us the look we were going for in the space.

Would you select it again?

For sure. We had used this material before on a retail project but not in this way. The ease of construction for the GC made it quick to install as well.